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Understanding Treatment

JADENU® (deferasirox) tablets

JADENU: Simple-to-take Tablets

Prescription JADENU® (deferasirox) tablets is a once-a-day, simple-to-take, iron removal treatment for patients with chronic iron overload (IO).


JADENU(R) (deferasirox) Simple-to-take Tablets

Once a day

JADENU(R) (deferasirox) Simple-to-take Tablets

Anytime, anywhere

JADENU(R) (deferasirox) Simple-to-take Tablets

With or without a light meal

  • JADENU tablets should be swallowed once a day with water or other liquids (preferably at the same time each day)
  • For patients who have difficulty swallowing whole tablets, JADENU tablets may be crushed and mixed with soft foods (eg, yogurt or applesauce) immediately prior to use and administered orally. Commercial crushers with serrated surfaces should be avoided for crushing a single 90 mg tablet. The dose should be immediately and completely consumed and not stored for future use
  • Light meals are meals that contain less than 7% fat and about 250 calories. Examples of a light meal include a whole wheat English muffin, a packet of jelly, and skim milk, or a turkey sandwich with 2 ounces of turkey on whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, and one packet of mustard
    • Other examples of a light, on-the-go meal could include a low-fat granola bar made with oats, fruit, and nuts (about 95 calories); a salad with grilled chicken, lettuce, fruit, nuts, and without dressing (about 102 calories); a plain, fat-free yogurt (about 127 calories); or a fruit and low-fat yogurt parfait (about 125 calories)
  • JADENU offers convenient administration for your chronic IO treatment that fits into your daily routine
    • Your doctor will calculate the dose you need and tell you how many tablets to take each day
    • After starting therapy, your doctor will monitor your serum ferritin monthly and adjust your dose if necessary
    • Doses are based on how much you weigh. Keep your doctor informed of any weight changes, as your dose may need to be adjusted if you gain or lose weight


Seamless transition from EXJADE for oral suspension to JADENU

If you are currently taking EXJADE® (deferasirox) tablets for oral suspension, and you and your doctor have decided to switch to JADENU, here are some things you should know.


Your JADENU dose will not be the same as your EXJADE dose because JADENU tablet strengths are less than EXJADE tablet strengths. This does not mean that one works better than the other. JADENU is made from the same active ingredient as EXJADE.


Be sure to carefully follow your doctor’s instructions for taking JADENU as you complete your transition. Your doctor can help you address any concerns you have throughout the process.

View this video to learn more about the benefits and side effects associated with JADENU.

JADENU Patient Intro Video
JADENU Patient Intro Video